About Metropolitan State University

Metropolitan State University is a member of the Minnesota State College and University system.

Since 1971, we have been committed to meeting the higher education needs of people in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul communities. We are a fully accredited, comprehensive university. Metropolitan State University is located on four campuses: St. Paul, Midway, Minneapolis, and Brooklyn Park/LECJEC.

Metropolitan State University’s mission, vision, and values focus on excellence, engagement, diversity and inclusion, an open and respectful climate, and integrity. These values are integral to creating learning environments that support, recognize, and celebrate students, staff, faculty, and community members with a various identities and experiences that they bring to their educational experiences.

The mission of Metropolitan State University is:

  • ...a comprehensive urban university committed to meeting the higher education needs of the Twin Cities and greater metropolitan population.
  • The university will provide accessible, high-quality liberal arts, professional, and graduate education to the citizens and communities of the metropolitan area, with continued emphasis on underserved groups, including adults and communities of color.
  • Within the context of lifelong learning, the university will build on it’s national reputation for innovative student-centered programs that enable students from diverse backgrounds achieve their educational goals.
  • The university is committed to academic excellence and community partnerships through curriculum, teaching, scholarship, and services designed to support an urban mission.

The vision of Metropolitan State University is:

  • [As] a member of the Minnesota State College and University system, [Metropolitan State University] will be the premier urban, public, comprehensive system university in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and will provide high-quality, affordable educational programs and services in a student-centered environment.
  • The faculty, staff, and students of Metropolitan State will reflect the area’s rich diversity, build a culturally competent and anti-racist learning community and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to civic engagement.

There are many different words and phrases that we use at Metropolitan State University. Another important resource is a glossary (https://www.metrostate.edu/about/accreditation/metropedia) of terms that will make much more sense once you review them!

Questions to consider

  • Where are the four campus locations?
  • What are Metropolitan State University’s five values?
  • What parts of the mission or vision are important to you as an incoming student?