Safety & Security

Metropolitan State University takes safety of all students, staff, faculty, and community members seriously.

Security services are contracted from a professional security agency. Officers wear relaxed uniforms and are trained on a variety of security and safety-related procedures. They are authorized to take appropriate action to ensure safety and security at Metropolitan State University. They are often augmented by local police, fire, and ambulance units.

Security officers can provide general support and act as escorts on all four of the Metropolitan State University campuses.

All members of the university will receive emergency notifications, also known as STAR Alerts, if there are campus-related emergencies or events that impact campus operations. Students can provided updated contact information for emergency notifications here (

Safety information, including emergency notifications, procedures, security reports, and Campus Security Authority (CSA) information, can be found on the Public Safety and Security ( section of the university website.

Questions to consider

  • Do all campuses have security officers?
  • If you have a cell phone, have you entered all the security phone numbers into it?
  • Is your contact information updated in eServices and in the Star Alert system?