Interactive Degree Audit / DARS Report

DARS is an electronic degree planning tool. Your DARS displays transfer courses and Metropolitan State University coursework, and shows your progress toward a degree by comparing completed/in-progress coursework to the graduation requirements of your program.

On your DARS, you can find:

  • Total hours and GPA
  • Courses completed, grades received, and hours earned
  • Notes about missing requirements
  • Course list to choose from to satisfy requirements
  • Transfer courses that have been made equivalent and apply toward the program
  • Degree and program exceptions approved via petition

DARS and Your Major

First you are admitted to the university and then later accepted to a major/program. Each program has different requirements that you must complete before you can officially declare it as your program. These requirements are found in the catalog for each of the programs under the heading Acceptance to the Program. After you declare your program, your DARS report will list program requirements which help you plan and monitor progress by:

  • Identifying all the requirements needed to complete a specific program.
  • Indicating courses that have already been completed, grades received, and credits earned, both at Metropolitan State and in transfer, and how they pertain to GELS, MnTC and program requirements.
  • Displaying MnTC courses with passing (A-D) grades (per MnSCU policy, a cumulative 2.0 MnTC GPA is required to certify completion).
  • Showing transfer courses that have been made equivalent towards the program.
  • Recording exceptions that have been granted.
  • Identifying what is still needed to complete a program, with a list of courses that will satisfy each requirement.

Accessing Your DARS

You will be able to access your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS report through eServices:

  • Login to eServices
  • From the e-Services menu on the left side of the screen, click “Grades and Transcripts”
  • A menu should appear under “Grades and Transcripts.” Click “Interactive Degree Audit Report” from this menu.
  • The system will put together your DARS and when the page loads, a link should appear in the middle of the page. Click the link to open a new window and display your DARS.

If you are new to college you may not have any credits transferring to Metropolitan State.

If you take courses at another institution while you are a student at Metropolitan State or you have courses in progress at the time of your initial DARS evaluation, you will need to request a Transfer Update once the final grades have been posted.

Contact your academic advisor with any questions relating to your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS report.