Summary of Course & Credit Requirements



  • General Education
  • Liberal Studies
  • Major
  • Electives


  • 120 total credits
  • 40 upper division credits
  • 30 residency credits
  • 2.0 GPA to graduate

A bachelor’s degree is comprised of course and credit requirements.

Course Requirements

  • General Education (GE) courses like English, math, and science satisfy the 10 goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) and total 40 credits.
  • The GE requirement is fulfilled with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a Minnesota-accredited college or completion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).
  • The GE is NOT fulfilled with an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science in a specific discipline.
  • Liberal Studies (LS) are 300- or 400-level courses that appear on the General Education Liberal Studies (GELS) list and total eight credits. The Liberal Studies requirement is specific to Metropolitan State University and is NOT fulfilled by any associate degree.
  • Major courses will be determined by the department in which you major. Specific courses, total credits and grade requirements for majors will vary from program to program.
  • Elective courses are additional courses chosen by students out of personal interest and may be required in order to reach graduation credit requirements.

Credit Requirements

  • 120 total college credits (includes transfer and Metropolitan State University credits)
  • 40 credits of upper division (ANY course 300-level or higher)
  • 30 credits of residency (credits completed at Metropolitan State University)