Starting at Metropolitan State

As a new student, it is important that the Registrar’s Office evaluates your transcripts so you know what requirements have been met. Your academic advisor can help you put together a plan that helps you get the most out of your education while completing your bachelor’s degree.

  • If your placement assessments indicate you need some adult basic education to get ready for college, learn about possible options for developmental courses.
  • If you are early in your college program, courses taken during the first year should focus on strengthening reading, writing and math skills. Your placement assessment results will guide you in selecting courses suited to your needs and readiness. Results from the assessments may allow you to:
    • Waive the first level of writing (through essay writing assessment) and/or the college-level algebra requirement
    • Identify courses that will help you build a strong foundation to take on more difficult courses later

Do you already have a degree?

  • If you have completed an Associate of Arts (AA) degree at a community college within the Minnesota Colleges and University (MnSCU) system, you will have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) that completes the first two years of your college education and meets your general education requirements for your bachelor’s degree. You will still need to complete the 8 credits of upper division liberal studies as well as requirements for your program.

    Your advisor may have some ideas for choosing courses that satisfy more than one requirement to keep you on track for graduation.
  • If you have completed an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, it is not necessarily designed to transfer toward your bachelor’s degree at Metropolitan State University unless there is a pre-approved articulation agreement between the two institutions. Some, but probably not all, of your general education requirements have been completed.

    Ideally, you are working with your advisor to choose courses that satisfy requirements for both your general education and liberal studies, as well as courses that satisfy your program.
  • If you have completed a technical degree, Metropolitan State University will accept all of your general education courses and a block of 16 technical credits toward your bachelor’s degree.

    Most technical degrees such as interior design or paralegal are designed to be career specific. However, you may want to explore “all” your options to determine the best plan of action for you, including the College of Individualized Studies, where you design an individualized degree that would build on your previous technical course work.
  • If you have completed a lot of college credits at a variety of institutions and/or switched your program midstream, the evaluation of your transcripts called a Degree Audit Report (DARS) will be critical for planning your academic program. Your completed DARS will provide an evaluation of your transcripts that indicate what requirements have been met and what requirements you still need to graduate.

    Switching majors and institutions midstream often means you will exceed the minimum of 120 credits needed to graduate because the course requirements may vary significantly between programs. Registering for PRSP 301 Perspectives: Educational Philosophy and Planning your first term to explore all your options will be helpful in your decision making.

    Completing an Individualized Degree from the College of Individualized Studies that builds on “all” your previous course work and then incorporating the prerequisites for a master’s program at the graduate level may be a very good for choice for you!