Pay for College

Similar to paying for other expenses in your life, paying for college is an important responsibility. Not making tuition and fees payments may have a negative impact on your academic progress. This portion of the module will help you navigate your financial literacy and explore other funding sources at Metropolitan State University. Students around table

Tuition & Fees:

  • Your tuition is based on the number and type of credits you register for each semester (Spring, Summer, Fall). You are responsible for paying for all tuition and fees connected with your student account.
  • If you don’t complete your tuition payments with your financial aid or payment plan, you will be dropped from your courses. Payment deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar.
  • If you add a class after the tuition payment deadline, payment must be received the same day. Students who do not make the payment deadline will be dropped from the class(es) the following business day.
  • Tuition and fees can be found by logging in to your eServices. eServices is where you can submit payments, check your financial aid status, and manage your Metropolitan State University finances.
  • Fees can be found on the tuition website.

Students can make payments with:

  • Cash, check, or money order (in-person at Gateway Student Services)
  • Visa or MasterCard (via eServices)
  • Payment plan (via eServices)
  • Third party funding (outside source such as an employer or veteran benefits)
  • E-check
  • Financial aid (

Financial aid

  • Financial aid is funding to help pay for education-related expenses such as tuition and fees, room and board, books, and other materials.
  • Financial aid is often calculated based on your need for extra funding, but can be augmented with scholarships, grants, and other options which do not always require a demonstrated need for financial support.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits to be part-time and 12 credits to be full time. Check with Gateway Student Services regarding registration and financial aid requirements.
  • Types of financial aid can be found on the Financial Aid portion of the website. Typically, aid includes loans, grants and scholarships, student employment (work-study).
  • If you are eligible for federal financial aid, you can complete the FAFSA application. Once completed, you can receive more information regarding your award here.
  • Veterans seeking assistance should connect with the Veteran Services.
  • For additional support regarding financial aid, contact Gateway Student Services.

Questions to consider:

  • If eligible, have you applied for the FAFSA?
  • What are the ways students can pay for their tuition and fees?
  • What are the different kinds of funding available for students to pay their education-related expenses?